Client Success Stories

Bob & Sandy

Bob and Sandy Oracle, AZ January 26, 2014 I recently retired after 24 years working in law enforcement and I have been deeply concerned about the “nest egg” that I saved.  I invested with a firm that I thought was safe and who promised a certain interest rate.  However, I was surprised with the fluctuation of the interest rate.  I thought that I should be able to do better. I am an avid listener of a local talk radio show hosted by Jed Mayfield.  I listened to Jed many times.  He made a lot of sense so I requested the read more 


Sandie Tucson, AZ February 27, 2013   Wm. Jed Mayfield Mayfield Financial & Estate Protection Services, Inc. 2567 North 1st Avenue Tucson, AZ  85719   Dear Jed, As a single mother of an adult disabled son, I worked long hours to ensure that there would be a day when I could retire with the knowledge that we would have sufficient assets to provide for our needs during my later years.  Divorced in my late 40s with one child, only a small nest egg, and 15-20 years remaining to begin and build a full-time career, rather than to simply hold a read more 

Bob & Tammy

Bob & Tammy Green Valley, AZ    February 16, 2013   Wm. Jed Mayfield Mayfield Financial & Estate Protections Services, Inc. 2567 North 1st Avenue Tucson, AZ  85719   To Whom It May Concern: Having both come from a large family environment early on we learned several key ingredients for business and success in life are honesty, character, and integrity.  Based upon our personal experience with Jed Mayfield these personal key ingredients, happily, are not lacking.  We listened to Jed’s radio show for nearly one year before our first introduction, and had realized then that financial change was in order.  read more 


May 18th 2011 To my fellow investors, I have been working with Jed Mayfield for approximately 12 years now.  I originally met him through my father-in -law who had had a Will and Trust set up through his firm’s attorney.  After my mother-in -law passed away, my wife and I worked with Jed to protect my father-in-law’s estate, maximize his returns and establish financial accounts in the names of his beneficiaries.  When my father-in-law did pass away a couple of years later Jed oversaw a very simple closure of the estate and distribution of funds.  Everything went just as Jed read more 

Patricia G.

July 2, 2009 Mayfield Offices 2567 N 1st Avenue Tucson, AZ 85719 Dear Jed, How would you like to wake up in the morning during the stock market free-fall in recent months worry-free?  Fortunately for me I had met Jed Mayfield years ago when his firm’s attorney created a Living Trust for me and my husband.  That was the beginning, done professionally and carefully and I haven’t been worried since when dealing with Jed Mayfield’s office. After my husband passed away some years ago, I came to Jed for advice on safe investing for retirement.  He explained to me the read more