Client Success Stories

Mike & Londa

Mike & Londa Tucson, AZ April 2, 2014 Greetings: About a year ago during one of my hundreds of business trips back from Phoenix to my home in Tucson, while scanning the radio I stumbled upon a voice that peaked my interest.  Not only was this guy talking about something that weighs heavy on almost everyone’s mind (money$), but he struck a chord with me by suggesting a different approach than any other Financial Adviser than I’d ever encountered.  So, for the remainder of my drive I tuned in closely to Jed Mayfleld’s Worry-Free Financial Radio Show.  Upon the shows read more 

Richard & Valeta

Richard & Valeta Vail, AZ March 11, 2014 “After listening to ‘The Worry-Free Financial Radio Show with Jed Mayfield’ a number of times, my wife Valeta and I would look at each other and say ‘This has got to be too good to be true’.  While we survived the downturn in 2008, in which we saw substantial losses, we vowed we would never let that happen to us again.  We had trusted our broker through that period, and while it took the next four to five years for our accounts to improve, they never fully regained what we had lost.  read more 

Ron & Karen

Ron & Karen Vail, AZ February 18, 2014 My name is Ron and my wife Karen and I would like to share our experience working with Mr. Mayfield. Due to medical reasons I recently retired and listened to Mr. Mayfield’s radio program on Worry-Free Financial Solutions. This program caught my attention because I did not want to invest my hard earned retirement savings in the stock market. At age 62, I had enough of taking risk and absorbing substantial losses and then climbing back to a break- even point before any gain was realized. Again, not being a Wall Street read more 

Jim & Vicky

Jim & Vicky Tucson, AZ February 7, 2014 Our names are Jim and Vicky. My husband retired Feb. of 2014 and we needed to do something to shore up our retirement income. I had an IRA just sitting there in safe holding doing nothing because when I put the first monies in the IRA it was just days before the ominous “BLACK MONDAY” 1987, and my investment went to almost nothing and it was years before I was back to even. I was afraid of the Market crashing so a couple of years ago I just put it in an read more 

Richard & Karen

February 2, 2013 Dear Jed: There were many reasons why Karen and I selected you; here are a few: We are happy to have a “Contract” that outlines exactly what is guaranteed to us.  No longer being subjected to market fluctuations, or government interference, has given us an unexpected benefit, we sleep better!  We appreciated your candor and compassion and guidance through the decision making process. That is not a joke!  There is no discussion of “should we sell or buy”; or “I thought that was a sure thing, what happened?”  We know what the contract says; there are no read more