Client Success Stories

Dan and Donna

October 26, 2017 To my fellow investors, I was looking back through some files in my computer and I found a letter I had written about my experience with Jed Mayfield dated May 18th, 2011. I had retired just a few months before that and I wasn’t sure it had actually sunken in yet.  The letter outlined how I had met Jed through him handling the estate of my father-in-law and how over the previous 12 years he had guided me into what looked like a fool proof retirement and estate protection plan.  I was nervous but trusted that Jed’s read more 


March 7, 2017 My wife and I came to Mayfield Financial to discuss our existing investments in order to remove the uncertainty that exists in the financial markets today. We are both extremely pleased with the service that Jed provided and the diligence he showed in researching over 200 different annuities to find the best set for our situation. We were very impressed with the professional service and advice given to us, and how Jed tailored this specifically to suit our situation and future needs. We feel secure knowing that regardless of future financial upheavals, our retirements will not be read more 

Charlie & Millie

I retired in 2007. Our financial consultant had us in equities and variable annuities. However, fixed-type annuities weren’t part of his vocabulary, and at the time, not a part of our vocabulary, either. Then the great market fall occurred and our portfolio was whacked, but good. We were living off withdrawals; but now, with a smaller portfolio, our withdrawals were a much larger percentage of the portfolio. We were concerned, as was our portfolio manager, that we would outlive our nest egg. His solution was to get part time work and adjust our lifestyle—a shocker we would not have conceived read more 


2017 Dear Jed, I just want to let you know how satisfied I am that I chose you for my financial advisor. You have handled my aunt’s financial plan for a good many years now, and your plan has done well. I’m glad she decided to use the Mayfield office all those years ago when she didn’t want all her investment money in the stock market. You found risk free plans for her and you have kept her financially secure; along with that, you have been a trusted and caring friend. When my husband passed away last year I knew read more 


        January 17, 2017   I retired in 2004 and I thought that my wife and I would have a comfortable retirement. We trusted our Financial Advisors with our retirement funds. We decided to do the “RV Lifestyle” and we were “Continuous Travelers” for about 6 years. In 2008, we, like so many others experienced the Economic Downturn and we lost quite a large sum of our retirement investment. We still trusted our Financial Advisors. In 2010 we realized that we had lost even more of our retirement funds. We stopped the “RV Lifestyle” moved to Green read more