January 17, 2017


I retired in 2004 and I thought that my wife and I would have a comfortable retirement.

We trusted our Financial Advisors with our retirement funds.

We decided to do the “RV Lifestyle” and we were “Continuous Travelers” for about 6 years.

In 2008, we, like so many others experienced the Economic Downturn and we lost quite a

large sum of our retirement investment. We still trusted our Financial Advisors.

In 2010 we realized that we had lost even more of our retirement funds. We stopped the

“RV Lifestyle” moved to Green Valley, and changed to a new Financial Advisor .


In December 2016, we heard Jed Mayfield on the radio in Tucson and none of our previous Financial

Advisors had ever mentioned “Safe Money”. I called Jed and asked him to send us his “Safe Money”

book. We liked what we read and decided to make an appointment with Jed.


After reviewing our financial information and our goals and another appointment, Jed was able to

present us with our personal “Safe Money” plan to meet our goals. In between appointments, I also

called three clients of Jed (he had given us a list of clients to call), and that confirmed even more

that we were in the right place with Jed.


From the very beginning, Jed made us feel at ease, he is a great listener and he truly has our best

interest as his goal.  He gave us Financial Peace. We wish we had met Jed earlier in our lives.

Jed, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.


Dave from Green Valley