Charlie & Millie

I retired in 2007. Our financial consultant had us in equities and variable annuities. However, fixed-type annuities weren’t part of his vocabulary, and at the time, not a part of our vocabulary, either. Then the great market fall occurred and our portfolio was whacked, but good.

We were living off withdrawals; but now, with a smaller portfolio, our withdrawals were a much larger percentage of the portfolio. We were concerned, as was our portfolio manager, that we would outlive our nest egg. His solution was to get part time work and adjust our lifestyle—a shocker we would not have conceived of prior to the crash.

Had we been aware of Safe Money income planning before the crash, we would not have drawn down our nest egg to the extent that we did. We would have had a guaranteed source of income for our daily needs.

Fortunately, I heard Jed’s radio program before it was too late and gave him a visit. We now have a Safe Money plan and we can take a breather from portfolio withdrawals; our nest egg can grow.

The moral of the story? Portfolio managers have a real bias against this type of planning. They don’t distinguish between “portfolio growth” and “current income needs.” If you want to protect that nest egg, take a serious look at guaranteed income planning with Jed’s team to supplement your income needs for everyday living.

We highly recommend Jed. He is thorough, professional, concerned, and makes you feel right at home.


Charlie and Millie