Client Success Stories


March 22, 2016   I really had no idea what retirement options were out there before meeting Jed Mayfield. In the past, I met with numerous advisors, hoping to secure a monthly income in my retirement years. But, unfortunately, I walked away with not only a financial loss but I also lost the asset of time. It seemed that my advisors were market-focused, and did not understand my low tolerance for risk. I would like to express my appreciation to Jed for guiding me through some otherwise turbulent retirement decisions. Knowing that my money is as safe as it can read more 


January 2016   I never would have comprehended what the term “safe money” could do for me, except my best friend said she wanted me to talk to a wonderful man that rescued her financial portfolio.  My health situation also encouraged me to call Jed Mayfield to find out more about safe money. My first appointment experience was extremely satisfying and educational. A medical settlement allowed me to make a second appointment with Jed, whom at that time became my Safe Money advisor. Jed has been instrumental in saving my financial future while becoming a trusted friend; his listening skills read more 

Julie & George

January 2016   Julie and George Tucson, AZ   In 2012, we were in our car listening to our local radio station when Jed came on the air talking about safe money. We called and received the free book that Jed offers. At that time our money was invested in the stock market and we thought that everything was o.k.; accepting the losses with the gains.   After watching many friends planning their retirement based on the stock market, but having to postpone their retirement because of the stock market volatility, we realized that maybe everything was not o.k. In read more 

Mike & Nannette

December 2015   This is the time of year we reflect back on the things we have accomplished during the past year. My husband and I would like to take the time to thank you and your staff for the help we received during our financial retirement and estate planning process. After losing two parents three weeks apart the previous year, I realized my husband and I were in need of a trust and financial products to safe guard our retirement and to protect all that we had worked so hard to obtain. These are things that we had put read more 

Bob & Martha

Bob & Martha Oro Valley, AZ   December 2015   We met Jed Mayfield a couple of months ago and through him and his Safe Money plan, we no longer worry about the stock market, the world economy or what the Federal Reserve is doing, etc. We actually sleep at night!   Before Jed, we had our money in the same places you may have it. We would go for the investment reviews with our latest statements. Our financial planner would show us the different colored charts and show us how well-balanced we were and would pat us on the read more 

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